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Current Projects - Status and updates

Rincon Peak:  Recital work for Piccolo and Piano - commissioned by Alexis Houchin.


Final draft complete, Final review held 03/20/2023 and everything is good.

Next comes the score and parts engraving which may elicit a few minor tweaks.

The final product will be ready for delivery, as scheduled, upon receipt of the commission.


First draft done and ready for Interim Review.


Not much progress on this composition this week due to some other commitments.

I discussed the work with my mentor (Kay He) and she was reasonably impressed and had a number of very insightful suggestions that I am starting to implement. (Especially for the 4th section which remains the most challenging.)


1st, 3rd & 5th sections: Rough draft complete. May need some polishing.

2nd section:  Decent start - Needs development.

4th section:  Still needs a lot of work. This is the most challenging section.


1st section: The Piano part needs some work but I am pretty happy with it.

2nd section:  I set up an ostinato pattern but I need to be careful not to get stuck.

3rd section:  I added some more ideas that should work.

4th section:  No changes this week.

5th section:  No changes this week.


First section Mostly written.

3rd and 4th sections sketches look pretty good.

2nd and 5th sections still very preliminary.


Project proposal written.   (link to pdf)

Project set up and general outline set (5 section "Mountain" work)

1) Morning;   2) Gentle Hike;  3) Streams & Falls;  4) Rocks & Scree;  5) Summit

Initial sketches started.

Bridges:  For Concert Band - commissioned by the Sonora Winds.


Project on hold pending work on Rincon Peak


Writing the music. No scoring yet

Mvmt. 1 - ~99% written. Needs some counter melodies. May want improving

Mvmt. 2 - ~99% written. Dynamics need looking at.

Mvmt. 3 - ~90 written.  Transition to the climax needs writing.

Mvmt. 4 - ~10% done. Needs a lot of work.

American Folk Song Suite:  For Concert Band - commissioned by Ed Curtis.


Done, ready for publication pending premiere performance.

3 Bawdy Dances:  For Horn & Cello - commissioned Michael Mesner.


Done, ready for publication pending premiere performance.

Dodecahedron:  For Wind Quintet - commissioned by Tom Rubbo.


Done, ready for publication pending premiere performance.

Blackett's Ridge:  For Clarinet & Classical Guitar - commissioned by Jackie Glazier


Done, ready for publication pending premiere performance.

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